Satellite-Controlled Master Clock For Public Clocks and Small Time Distribution Systems

  • Operates worldwide
  • Clock is absolutely accurate
  • Automatic time adjustment after power failures
  • Automatic daylight saving time changes
  • Built-in or Separate GPS/GLONASS antenna
  • Antenna connects with regular 4-wire cable
  • Minute or half-minute bipolar pulses
  • Seconds pulses
  • 12 or 24VDC pulses
  • For 100-240V power

PRECITIME MIN12-24/100-240 GPS

GPS Antenna
GPS antenna

Technical Data

Output :
Model MIN12/... MIN24/... : minutes output (option 1/2 minutes), bipolar, 12V resp. 24V/300mA, short-circuit protected.
Pulse duration 1, 2, 4 or 8 seconds. Fast advance mode : 1 second interval between pulses.
Model SEC12/... SEC24/... : seconds output, bipolar, 12V resp. 24V/300mA, short-circuit protected.
Pulse duration 0.25 second. Fast advance mode : 2 pulses per second.
Model MINSEC24/... : minutes and seconds output, bipolar, 24V/300mA, short-circuit protected.

GPS/GLONASS Receiver :
GPS/GLONASS antenna with built-in receiver, for outdoor installation, with 2.5 meter regular 4-wire cable. Cable Length up to 10 Meter (except in noisy environment). Corner Plate for Mounting Against a Wall or a Pole. Built-in Receiver also available.

Power Supply :
Universal for 100 to 240VAC, 50 or 60 Hz. Low-voltage power input at 24VDC.

Summer/winter daylight saving time changes :
On request, automatic daylight saving time changes may be programmed in the master clock.

Accuracy :
Pulses are synchronized to atomic time by radio. In case of temporary absence of satellite signal, the clock runs with quartz accuracy until satellite signals are available again.

Pulse memory :
Pulse memory in case of power failure up to 2 years duration (version with Coin Battery Backup) resp. 24 hours (version with SuperCap).

Controls :
Stop/Normal/Rapid switch for setting the slave clocks.
LED pilot lamp for checking satellite signal.

Operating temperatures :
-25 ... +70 degrees centigrade.

Connection :
Terminals inside the casing.

Casing, dimensions :
Weight :
700 g to 1 kg depending on model.