Compact radio-controlled master clock for public clocks, autonomous operation on lithium batteries running 10 years

  • Battery-Operated, Without Mains.
  • For 3V, 12V or 24V Slaves, Minute or Half-Minute.
  • Typical Battery Duration with 2 Slaves: 10 Years.
  • Radio-Controlled by MSF, DCF, GPS, GLONASS.
  • Absolutely Accurate.
  • Built-In Antenna (GPS/GLONASS: Also separate Receiver).
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time Changes.
  • LED Pilot Lamp for Signal Check.

PRECITIME Lithium MIN12 DCF, Standard case.

PRECITIME Lithium DCF in Mini Casing, with Separate Battery-Pack: Compact Solution for Thin Clocks.

Greybox GPS/GLONASS Receiver

PRECITIME Lithium DCF in Weatherproof Casing.

Technical data

Compact radio-controlled master clock with minutes or halfminutes bipolar pulses. Autonomous operation on built-in batteries. SMD-technology, high-performance radio signal evaluation.

Output :
Minutes output (option 1/2 minutes), bipolar, max. 50mA, short-circuit-protected.
Pulse duration 0.25 or 0.5 seconds.
Fast advance mode: 1 pulse per second.
Pulse voltage :
Model MIN12 : 10.5V for 12V slave movements; Model MIN14 : 14.1V for 12V slave movements;
Model MIN24 : 21.3V for 24V slave movements; Model MIN25 : 25V for 24V slave movements.

Time signals (at choice) :
DCF, 77.5 kHz (Mainflingen, Germany)
MSF, 60 kHz (Anthorn, UK)
GPS/GLONASS (Satellite Signal, Worldwide)

Antenna :
Built-in within the case; antenna may be turned (in weatherproof case only).
GPS/GLONASS : Also separate Receiver with 5 Meter Cable.

Power supply :
Lithium batteries 3.6V, 14Ah. Typical battery life with 2 standard movements : over 10 years.
Model MIN12 : built-in batteries. MIN14, MIN24 and MIN25 : batteries in separate case.

Summer/winter daylight saving time changes :
Automatic by radio-control (on request : without time changes).

Accuracy :
Pulses are radiosynchronized with atomic time.

Controls :
Automatic setting of the hands from the 12.00 noon position, or manual setting using Stop/Normal/Fast switch. Signal check push-button with LED pilot lamp for checking radio signal.

Operating Temperatures :
-25 ... +70 degrees centigrade.

Connection :
Terminals inside the casing.

Casing, dimensions :

Weight :
400 g. to 1.2 kg depending on model.