Compact Quartz-Controlled Master Clock for Public Clocks

Delivers minute, half-minute or seconds pulses for bipolar slave clocks.

Available for lithium battery or mains power.

PRECITIME TCXO in economic casing. Batteries or mains power supply are built-in

PRECITIME TCXO in weatherproof casing. Batteries or mains power supply are built-in.

PRECITIME TCXO in mini casing, with separate mains power supply or battery pack

Option: Wireless remote control

Technical data

Output :
Minutes, half-minutes or seconds output, bipolar, max. 300mA, resp. 50mA for battery-versions, short-circuit-protected. Pulse duration 0.25, 1, 2, 4, or 8 seconds. Fast advance mode: 1 second pause between the pulses.
Pulse voltage for standard movements (3.6V, 12V, 14V or 24V).

Time base :
TCXO Temperature Compensated Oscillator. Good precision even in outdoor conditions : drift better than 1 minute/year between 0 and 40 degrees centigrade.

Power Supply :
Battery version : 3.6V lithium batteries, 14Ah. typical life with 2 standard movements : 10 years.
Mains powered versions : 100-240V/50-60Hz. After power failures, the clock resets automatically to the correct time.
Pulse memory in case of power failure up to 2 years duration (version with Coin Battery Backup) resp. 24 hours (version with SuperCap).
Option: Running reserve with Battery.

Controls :
Stop/Normal/Fast switch for setting the time. + / - 1 hour switch for daylight saving time changes.
Options : remote switches with 50 cm cable. Wireless remote control (see "REMOTE")

Automatic daylight saving time changes (option) :
On request, the modules may be programmed to perform the daylight saving time changes automatically according to the rule of the desired country.

Operating Temperatures :
-25 ... +70 degrees centigrade.

Connection :
Terminals inside the casing.

Casing selections, dimensions :

Weight :
400 g. to 1.2 kg depending on model.