Time Signals Receiver for Radio-Controlled Clocks
High Performance Receivers for Time Signals DCF, MSF

Technical Data

Time Signals Receiver (without decoding circuit and internal time base).

Time Signals :
REC is available for the following transmitters :
DCF, 77.5 kHz (Mainflingen, West-Germany)
MSF, 60 kHz (Rugby, Great Britain)

Antenna and receiver :
Ferrite antenna built in within the casing. Sensitivity 0.01 mV/m, bandwidth 10 Hz. (France Inter: see specifications.) Receiver delay : 30 ms with respect to absolute time (typical average value depending on signal strength and noise level).

Power supply :
Model "C-LOOP" : power taken from the current-loop.

Output signal :
Model "C-LOOP" : the demodulated and detected time signal is delivered on a serial 2-wire current-loop output (interchangeable polarity). The seconds pulses are represented by 20 mA current pulses. Voltage to be applied : min. 7 V, max. 50 Volts.

Display :
Pilot lamp (LED) for radio signal check.

Acoustic signal :
Model "C-LOOP" : optional earphone for radio signal check.

Operating temperature :
-30 ... +70 degrees centigrade (France Inter : reception between -15 and +50 degrees).

Connection :
Delivered with 2-wire cable, about 3 meters long. Cable terminals inside the casing.

Casing, dimensions :
Weatherproof Casing, IP65. Model "C-LOOP" : 120 x 80 x 55 mm.

Installation :
Wall mounting with corner-plate. Allows orientation of antenna.

Weight :
About 500 g. Model C-LOOP : about 300 g.